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Reserve Your 2017 Whale Shark Adventure Tour with Aqua Adventures today!

$125.00 usd Per Person, plus $10 for optional wetsuit ( avoids having to swim with life jacket)

The 2017 WHALE SHARK season is up and running.  Early July, full moon, 80 to 100 animals offshore.  We've had frequent Manta Ray sightings!

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Whale Shark season runs from May 17 to September 17th. Ask us about our predictions for best dates for viewing.

At Aqua Adventures we book your Isla Mujeres or Cancun Whale Shark Adventures with some of best boats on the island. Our skippers are experienced local experts. Our boats are safe fast twin engine craft with marine toilets on board.

What will my Whale Shark Tour be like?

By regulation, your whale shark boat will never have more than 10 swimmers. Two snorkelers will enter the water with a guide at a time to swim alongside these gentle giants. The other 4 pairs on the boat will enter the water in rotation, usually giving all the swimmers on the boat the chance to swim with 3 to 4 or more whale sharks.  You are required to wear a lifejacket ( provided ) or shorty wetsuit ( available for $10 rental fee ).  We hope that you will total 10 to 20 minutes of swim time, but that varies depending on number of animals.   New regulations for 2017 may prevent swimmers from entering the water if there are less than 6 animals.  Water entries are limited to 2.  Also, the 30th of each month is designated a "no tour" day by the permitting authority.

Our Whale Shark tours leave from a dock 2 short blocks from our shop. You will meet at 7:50am at our shop and be escorted to the dock by one of our staff.

The Whale Shark Pod is usually 14 to 25 miles offshore, milling around at the surface feeding. You may have a 45 to 90 minute ride to reach the Whale Sharks. 

After several hours in the whale shark area, your boat will return to the island for some shallow water snorkeling and sandwich or ceviche and cold non-alcoholic beverages. You will be back on Isla Mujeres between 1 and 3 pm. You can take photos during your swim, no flash and no touching the Whale Sharks per park service rules.

The surface conditions range from smooth to bumpy. If you are prone to motion sickness, appropriate medication is recommended.

You will be wearing a lifejacket or wetsuit (wetsuit, $10 extra charge, easier to swim with the whale sharks ).

If there ever is a problem or question we are here to help, and we are here for any follow-up that is necessary.  Our dive shop is open from 9am until 7pm on Avenida Juarez during the Whale Shark season to book your tours.  We accept cash US dollars, Pesos, credit cards and PayPal.  When you book with us you will receive a short whale shark briefing on rules.

Can I hire a private boat for my family or group?

YES! Email us for a reservation and group pricing!

Am I guaranteed to swim with Whale Sharks?

We are happy to report that almost everyone who participated in a Whale Shark Adventure in 2016 swam with one or more animals. There were 2 or 3 days with no sighting.  Several of our clients signed up for a second tour in the same week!

Aqua Adventures understands that you are investing a portion of your vacation budget for this tour and the objective is to see the Whale Sharks.  Please understand that not every tour is the same. Surface conditions and number of Whale Sharks in the pod will vary. 

This tour is an adventure and we cannot control the ocean or the creatures within it. We try our absolute best to provide an incredible memorable experience for everyone.

Cost: $125.00 usd Per Person

  Our Whale Shark Adventure Tours include:                                                  

         Tour Time Approximately 7:45am to 1:00 to 2:30pm .

         Large Comfortable boat


         Experienced Captain and Crew

         Light Lunch, Refreshments and Bottled Water

         Snorkel Equipment and life jacket

         Snorkeling on return from Whale Shark tour

         Hotel dock pick-up available for private boats.

Our Whale Shark tours leave from one of several docks downtown in the vicinity of the Dive Shop.

The whale shark is up to 14 meters or 46 feet in length and weigh up to 15 tons.  The average size is about 7.5 meters or 25 feet long.  They are not Whales, they are Sharks. They are the largest fish in the world with Females being larger than males, as with most sharks.  Their mouth can be up to 1.4 meters or 4 feet wide, but their teeth are not like most sharks as they are filter feeders like Whales and their approximately 3000 very tiny teeth are used for filtering not biting.  The Whale Shark can process over 6000 liters or 1500 gallons of water each hour to consume a diet of plankton, krill, small fish, and squid.  They spend most of their time near the surface.  They are known to be solitary creatures, as they are rarely seen in groups and are estimated to live up to 100 - 150 years.  Whale sharks are harmless to people!  They are docile majestic creatures who are pretty indifferent to having swimmers around them.  Whale sharks live in warm water near the equator.  The Mexican Caribbean is one of the few places in the world where they are close enough to shore to make boat trips out to see them possible.

 Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, the Whale Shark is a protected species.

Yes, they are Sharks but are filter feeders and eat plankton like Whales.

No, you are not allowed to touch the Whale Sharks, you may view only.

We do not recommend the tour for pregnant women or young children.  If you wish to take along children under 12, we recommend you book a private boat.

Please be on time for your tour.  We cannot delay the boat departure for late comers.  If you miss the boat for any reason, you are responsible for paying the full price for your seat.

Cancellations will be accepted up to 48 hours prior to your departure time.  You are responsible for the full price of your seat if you miss the tours without notifiying us prior to the 48 hour cancellation deadline.

There is NO Diving allowed with the Whale Sharks, only Snorkeling.

In this area of Mexico, you are only allowed to swim with the Whale Sharks if you are on a permitted boat with specially licensed captain and guide.  There is strict enforcement and policing for this and penalties for those who ignore this regulation.

The 10 person permit for the Whale Shark tour is the maximum permit (As per Mexican government regulations, this includes a photographer/videographer, group tour guides, people who do not want to swim with the sharks, small children). 

The area where the Whale Sharks are located is 1 to 1.5 hours away from Isla Mujeres but is approximately 60 square miles so the time to locate them can vary.  There are areas where they are known to feed more than others.  Part of the Adventure is finding them in their natural environment. 

The probability of seeing the Whale Sharks is excellent!  We have only had a couple tours in the 5 years of doing them who did not see the Whale Sharks and that was a few days after a hurricane r bad weather.

Yes, you must wear a life vest (or a wetsuit for good swimmers) when snorkeling or swimming with the Whale Sharks.

You should be able to get in the water with the Whale Sharks maximum  2 times per 2017 park service rules.

The amount of time you get to spend with them depends on how long they stay at a depth where you can see them and how well you are able to keep up with them.

You are allowed to swim with the Whale Sharks 2 at a time with the guide.

You do not have to swim with them, but Yes, your fee is the same as others as you are taking a spot on the boat.

In case of port closure by the Isla Mujeres and Cancun Harbor masters due to inclement weather, you will be entitled to a full refund or reschedule of your tour.

For more information or to make a reservation contact us by email at info@diveislamujeres.com.




















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